Our goal is to assist organisations by providing them with brand awareness and promotions through business to consumer and business to business connection with consumers. We aim to increase revenue generated for the clientele essentially by promoting their organisation to help with public awareness and customer engagement to gain the support needed. 

The clientele can benefit from the professional service we offer both their organisation and the customers who assist with the various programmes. 

We are an outsourced sales and marketing company that specializes in generating revenue for sporting clients around New Zealand. We do this by interacting directly with customers using the professional sales agents.

The business is focused on event and business based strategies. Both of these channels include presenting face to face to potential customers.

The difference between us and traditional marketing methods is that we gain customer acquisitions through talking to customers as opposed to using the media. This means we are actively taking the product to the customer through direct promotions, sales and customer service.


    Fundraising - we generate funds for sporting clients around New Zealand.
    Brand awareness - we create brand awareness for the clients through promotion of their products by engaging the general public and interaction with customers and interaction through customers.
    Effective communication - we are involved in merchandise sales to increase market share and awareness for sporting clients.

Specialising in business and event based promotions through face to face interaction with potential customers.


Insight Marketing Ltd is a prominent New Zealand based sales and marketing promotional company. We specialise in business and event based promotions through face to face interaction with potential customers.

We work closely with sports focused clientele and support the growth and funding of their organisations by promoting brand awareness of their businesses across various markets.

Our head office is based in Auckland allowing for comprehensive market appreciation in the New Zealand's leading market but also gives us the flexibility to operate in supplementary markets nationwide.

Insight Marketing's goals are to expand both nationally and internationally. Nationwide the organisation is looking to expand to 3 further locations, which will require 3 new managing directors to run and build those businesses.

Internationally we are looking at expanding into markets throughout Spain, Europe, USA and Asia. 

To achieve our goals nationally and internationally we will require: 

  • 3 new business owners in NZ 
  • expand into international markets 
  • sales team of 100         
  • launch new campaigns and clients


The Team


Managing Director

Prior to starting Insight: B.Comm.
(Otago University)
Hobbies: Rugby/Any sport
Favourite movie: Gladiator
Fav food: Chinese
Fav Superhero: Batman
Man Crush: Chris Hesworth (he's a tank)


Admin / HR

Prior to Insight: Travelling
Hobbies: Socialising
Favourite movie: Shawshank Redemption
Fav food: Pizza
Fav Superhero: Batman
Girl Crush: Gigi Hadid


Team Leader

Prior to starting: Water Polo Coach
Hobbies: Basketball
Favourite movie: BASSketball
Fav food: Pizza
Fav Superhero: Batman
Man Crush: Jimmy Butler or Mark Wahlberg (both hot)


Team Leader

Prior to starting: Hospo / Rugby League
Hobbies: Rugby League
Favourite movie: Friday
Fav food: Mince on Toast
Fav Superhero: Antman (the only superhero shorter than Henry)
Man Crush: Justin Hodges (old NRL grub)

Providing our team with the skills & opportunities to succeed in our Business Development Programme.


At Insight Marketing we give everybody an equal chance regardless of their past experience. Each successful applicant will start in sales and marketing, from there the applicants will be given the chance to develop their sales skills before they get an opportunity to develop in the Business Development Programme.




We offer product training and sales tips to everyone to complement their skill they use to go out and approach potential customers.



We provide ongoing product and customer service training to all sales agents so they are able to constantly up-skill their knowledge in these areas.



For those who want to move past sales and into team leadership we can educate them with management, leadership and mentoring support.



At this stage, we will offer a business development programme for the more ambitious.



The following provides you with an indication of the stages you will progress through if you are to succeed within a career in Sales & Marketing.

i. Sales & Marketing
Skills & Responsibilities Developed:

    Customer Service


    Product Training

    Goal Setting

    Public Speaking

ii. Team Leader
Skills & Responsibilities Developed:

    Lead Events

    Develop New Team Members

    Manage a Sales Team

    Meet sales and team targets

    Domestic & International Travel

iii. Managing Director
Skills & Responsibilities Developed:

    Run location / office team

    Manage clients & campaigns

    Forecasting & planning

    Sales mentor for the office

    Manage & direct finances

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Unit 7A, 19 Edwin Street, Mt Eden
Auckland 1024, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 623 2385